Thursday, July 28, 2011

Quiz: Are You Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Last week I created a Twilight quiz.

I'm working for Frontier College this summer, running literacy day camps for kids. In one of our camps we made a magazine with the kids, and somehow it ended up being mostly about Twilight, Harry Potter, and Justin Bieber. So to do my part, I contributed a quiz designed to help confused Twilight fans decide whether they belong to Team Jacob or Team Edward. 

I have to admit that the only research I've done is watching the first movie when it came out, and that was only because I thought it was about awesome vampires, not teen vampires in love. But so far the success of this quiz has been outstanding! So try it and find out for yourself... this been taken right out of our magazine. All I did was remove the brilliantly coloured paper and beautiful variety of magic markers.

Team Edward VS Team Jacob


Pick your answer and add up the number of points for it. Look out, there's negative numbers too. 

#1- What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?
a) Vanilla                                                                 … 10 points
b) Double Fudge Rocky Road                                … 5 points
c) I’m not sure                                                         … 0 points
d) fat-free yogurt for me!                                         … - 5 points

#2- What’s your ideal date?
a) Staring deep into each other’s eyes                      … 8
b) Playing one-on-one basketball                             … 4
c) Guitar Lessons                                                     … 1
d) a long walk on a sunny beach                              … - 6

#3- What’s the best kind of dog?
a) Mexican Hairless                                                  … 6
b) Poodle                                                                  … 2
c) Dog? I’m more of a cat person                            … - 8
d) a shaggy mutt                                                       … 9

#4- You just finished writing your first romance novel. What will you call it?
a) Endless Torment                                                 … 13
b) Torn Between Two Worlds                                  … 0
c) Creatures From Outer Space                               … -12
d) The Windswept Stranger                                     … 5

#5- What’s your first choice of jewelry?
a) a dazzling diamond                                              … 8
b) thick gold chains                                                  … 4
c) any kind of spinning necklace like John Cena      … - 8
d) a piece of knotted string                                       … - 4

#6- What’s the best part of the night sky?
a) The dark, bleak clouds                                          … 1
b) The full moon                                                       … 5
c) The twinkling stars                                                … 14
d) I don’t like it when the sun is away!                      … - 6

#7- The time is right and the moon is full. Ooo yeah. What’s your go-to move?
a) Play with my hair nervously                                  … 2
b) Howl and get crazy                                               … 6
c) slink silently into the night                                     … 11
d) play video games                                                  … - 9

Add up your grand total to find your grand result!


40 points or more= Edward.
Shhh… don’t speak. You choose the brooding vampire that can never fully love you back. Sorry, no refunds.

20-40 points= Jacob.
Looks great topless but he secretly wants to eat you alive whenever there’s a full moon. Hey, every relationship has its problems.

0-19 points= Bella.
Aww… it’s so hard to choose- and you can’t! Just keep playing with your hair and both their hearts. Worst case scenario is you’re caught in the middle of a vampire-werewolf war…

Less than 0 points= Fake.
You call yourself a Twilight fan? I don’t think you’re really right for the part. Better luck next time. 

So... what'd you get?