Sunday, July 28, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Since this month has been so busy with camp, I've been spending more of my free time relaxing around my apartment, so it’s fitting that I tell you a little bit about where I’m actually living in Jilin. It’s a perfect neighborhood; everything I need is within walking distance. In fact, the furthest thing I need to walk to is work, which takes about 25 minutes when clocking a manly pace.

My apartment itself is a two-bedroom dream nestled at the top of a six-floor walk-up, made entirely of concrete so everything is very quiet. I've heard my neighbour's washing machine once during my time here, other than that I pretty much just assume they exist. Here are some pictures of my place (but keep in mind that I took these as soon as I moved in… now there aren't suitcases lying around and there are more things on the shelves, and those ‘things’ are mostly Oreo cookies).
Here’s the living room: spacious although seldom used. I haven’t turned on the TV yet, and the couch is a… different… design, but I appreciate the light and breezes provided by the giant window. Also, it’s possible that I hang laundry to dry on the overhead light fixture.

Front door is to the left, you can see the kitchen and dining area in the middle, and just catch a glimpse of the extra bedroom on the right. Refrigerator built for one, propane stove, a double sink with a single water temperature- this baby’s got it all.
My bedroom, featuring the largest bed I've ever experienced. I believe it’s Emperor-sized. It’s a giant square that’s actually long enough for me… that’s rare. And sure, the Emperor thing was a joke, but I actually think I heard somewhere that Emperor Tài Wù used the same sized bed during the Shang Dynasty. That obtrusive closet door impeding your view on the left has since been removed; I took them all off with a kitchen knife my first week here (who really needs all that opening and closing of doors?).
And of course, if you frequent this blog you've already seen the bathroom, featuring its very own shower area. But did I tell you that it doubles as a laundry room? That’s the contraption you see on the right. Yep, just lift it over into the shower area, plug it in, use the hose to fill it with water, wash your clothes, do it all again to rinse, spin it until the clothes are kind of dry, and hang them up on the living room light fixture! Everything comes full circle.

So… I know a lot of people my age are looking at getting nice big apartments for families or whatever you kids are up to…. And I’m just saying- look no further. China awaits!  


  1. your lil' home is spacious and adorable. I also love that you salad-spin your clothes to dry.

  2. well thank you very much! that's pretty accurate... the clothes end up about as dry as damp lettuce. also, i need a salad spinner.


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