Thursday, January 6, 2011

Andrew’s been published in Esquire.

That’s right, this month I was published in Esquire.

Welcome back! Blow the dust off your keyboard and run your mouse through the light cycle on your washing machine- you finally have a reason to be on the Internet again! Now I know I took an extended break for Christmas, but I’m back for more mandatory blogging fun!

I’d like to start the New Year off with a bang: picking up where I left off last year, bragging about my own tiny accomplishments. This week, my new thing is probably setting a CreComm record by getting published in a giant magazine after only one semester of school. It’s this one, Esquire’s January 2011 issue.

In October, Esquire provided all kinds of rules for men, including this fashion rule that particularly caught my eye: “Rule No. 754: The skinny jeans only if you’re skinny.” Now this is by far the most leeway I’ve ever gotten from Esquire about my favourite pants, so naturally I sprung into action. (And yes, you can still spring anywhere while wearing skinny jeans.) So without further ado, here’s my piece:

I was also overjoyed to be a part of the visual breakdown regarding the subjects people wrote letters about. They usually have one insignificant topic with an equally insignificant percentage, and it’s an honour to be that percentage.

The question now is: have I peaked too young? I’ve heard of students leaving school early because they find great jobs, and I’m just wondering if there’s anywhere else I can go after this. Job offers please!

Although they don’t publish letters to the editor online, I guess you could still check out their site here. After all, it’s a pretty great magazine.


  1. I think you can do better. I mean Esquire? Who reads that besides thousands of people? And Robert de Niro? Who the hell is that? Until you're in an issue with someone reputable on the cover, I suggest you keep working. In case you haven't realized, I have nothing but good things to say. Congrats.

  2. Don't listen to Mike, I'm pretty sure this is your crowning achievement! So buy yourself something pretty, sit back, and ride this one straight to retirement!

  3. ha ha thanks guys. And a little shopping, that may not be a bad idea Alex! maybe some coloured skinny jeans eh? those are pretty.

  4. Guess has some new red snake skin ones out! You know, if you're interested ha :p

  5. Well since the skinny jean fad has apparently become a normal thing now, I think this is a sign that you need to push the envelope and pull out a pair of jeggings. Just could be you on the cover of the next Esquire with those bad boys on!

  6. finally some jeggings support! and i thought everyone was against me. You're right Lorelei, it might be time to make this dream a reality. And oh my gosh Alex, even i have my doubts about such pants. send me a link!


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