Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jeans Conclusion.. Plus a SURPRISE!

Today I tell you the riveting conclusion to my jeans dilemma, and this week I start wearing something new.

I presented you with a problem last week and asked for your advice (read it here). Thanks so much for the feedback; I really appreciate the comments I received. If the only thing this blog accomplishes is opening up a dialogue about women’s pants, I’ll be happy. But there’s a reason over 6 people read this blog, it’s because they want results! So here they are– what happened after that post?

Within a day several people had read and commented on what they thought I should do, so two days later I went back to Guess, expecting to buy those silver beauties. Unfortunately, they had already been sold. This is a lesson for me and you– if you see something as special as silvery jeans that fit great, you buy them. No questions.

Now understandably I was heartbroken. I felt flushed and dizzy, staring in shocked silence at the young salesman who had just delivered the news. What to do? Should I just walk out empty-handed, with nothing to show for all my effort? I decided no.

So I picked up something else– just as sexy, just as 50% off, and by doing so I finally set foot into a world I had long dreamed of and planned to enter since Conan did: JEGGINGS.
Jeggings are a cross between leggings and jeans, and they are incredible. Softer and snuggly-er than normal skinny jeans, they’re like wearing your most comfortable lounging-around-home pants, if your most comfortable lounging-around-home pants were painted on to your body. I’ve actually had to fight the urge to wear them everyday; their soft fabric makes regular denim feel like burlap, and I love how they show off my gorgeous gams and absence of assets.

Now this process wasn’t easy, I’ve had to overcome adversity. There were several people who were against my choice to wear jeggings, and now I resent those people for holding me back in life. And to those who supported me, you were right. I didn’t let anything stand in my way and with the support of the Guess employees I modeled for, I became a guy who wears jeggings. I mean, how can you argue with this?
SO sexy.
What makes me wonder is this: I’ve already worn these a few times now, to watch UFC, a Superbowl party, to school, and no one has said anything! There is one explanation– my other jeans were so tight that the difference between them and jeggings is unnoticeable. Let’s face it, I’ve pretty much been wearing jeggings this whole time… now it’s official. My name is Andrew Parker, and I wear jeggings.

Check out Conan revealing his love for male jeggings here. It’s a story so big, The Huffington Post covered it!
Also go shopping at Guess and see what other great stuff they’ve got. Click here!


  1. Wait a second... You were wearing jeggings when you came to my house?? I did not notice AT ALL. Hmmm...

  2. Conan, "Jeggings!"
    Gunn, "not just ladies men too."
    Conan, "Men don't wear Jeggings!"
    Gunn, "ohhhh they're out there, let me tell you."

    Well let me tell you Parker, LOVING IT! haha :p

  3. You made my morning with this beautiful story. I love nothing better than a shopping success. Congratulations to you and your jeggings. I wish you a long and happy life together.

  4. thanks girls! yes of course those were jeggings Caitilin... didn't i mention that? i could've sworn i was gushing about them already.

    i'm loving the support Alex and Sara, thank you!

  5. Yes! Finally. I thought you tried the jegging thing back at Christmas time. They look good..and stretchy. I still think that you should wear the ones with the strap on the bottom...

  6. Thanks Lorelei... but I'm not sure anyone over the age of eight wears those!


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