Thursday, June 21, 2012

Just Joined Jiu Jitsu Jym

It's official. The free trial week is long over, and I've made the leap of commitment by signing up for a year of jiu jitsu classes at a real fighting gym.
I'm third from the left, back row.
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It's the Canadian Fighting Center here in Winnipeg, and they don't mess around. In addition to UFC fighter Joe Doerksen teaching here, they also have former K-1 and World Muay Thai Kickboxing Heavyweight Champion Giuseppe DeNatale (click his name to see a TKO victory of his). I'll be learning from Doerksen and others, but so far I've only had it severely handed to me from them.

One of my first three classes featured a lot of "rolling" (like sparring, but for grappling). The only catch was, it was all with instructors... or at least guys at a high level. When one was finished beating me up, there was another one anxiously waiting to take over. I got submitted in ways I never knew possible, with moves I had never seen before. In the end, it meant that the next day my throat hurt from being choked, my elbow hurt from being arm-barred, and my body hurt from doing that over and over.

But let's pretend I'm learning, and maybe by posting it on here it'll keep me honest and committed. "But Andrew!" you say, "Having this blog doesn't even keep you committed to posting on it!" And to that I say hey watch what you say... in a year I might be able to fight you for that.
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