Friday, December 10, 2010

Be the next Steve Vogelsang.

Today I volunteered for Hockey Canada. 

Now as much as it pains me to admit this, I realize that this blog may not be the most helpful thing to my fellow students and the world abroad (yeah I see your 24 hits South Korea!). Although pictures of myself and complaints about shower temperatures may make for a bearable read, it might not further your intellect.

So in an effort to correct this, I’m going to give you one little heads up before I head into Christmas break to sleep my days away. I know every first year journalism student probably got a sheet about an opportunity to volunteer for Hockey Canada at the upcoming World Under-17 Hockey Challenge, but there are only a few names on the list so you could probably still get in. It sounds like a lot of work but a great opportunity: doing both written stories and video interviews after the games to be posted on Hockey Canada’s website.

So let me know if you need contact information to find out more, and hopefully we can both get in.

Find out more about the WU-17 here at Hockey Canada, see MTS' schedule for the event here, or buy tickets to the games here.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sexy by Andrew Parker

Today I became I model for my own self-serving purposes.

People who have seen The Andrew Parker Show may remember me referencing my new fictional line of cologne coming out, Sexy by Andrew Parker. Although this was just something I blurted out during filming, when we got an assignment to design our own ads I immediately thought ‘Hey- here’s a chance to promote my hypothetical fragrance!’ So I assumed the role of Andrew Parker and took some pictures of myself.

Now maybe these ads will mean nothing to anyone besides the 20 people who saw that show, but finally Electronic Publishing class is working for me!
Here's my ads.