Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cage fighting comes to Winnipeg.

Yesterday I went to a cage fighting event.

Cage Fighting Manitoba, Winnipeg’s newest MMA organization put on their first event, CFM 1, on Friday January 7 at the Winnipeg Convention Centre. Although I’ve been a fan of MMA for a few years now, it was my first time at a live event, so it was really interesting to see how it all goes down.

I attended the event with fellow MMA fan Dave Hollier, and we watched in shock as all nine fights ended by the second round! The night was nonstop submissions (2 guillotines, 2 triangles, and an arm bar) with a few TKO’s thrown in. This may have meant there were some mismatched battles, but it definitely made for exciting action!

The night began with a very strange match though, with Jessie Seberg falling down and verbally quitting after only 17 seconds and receiving four leg kicks from Alberta’s Daryle Pinter. Afterwards, everyone reacted very slowly: the fighters’ corners stayed out of the ring as the crowd softly booed in disappointment. Thankfully things picked up from there however…
1 of 4 leg kicks that ended the fight. Photo by JB Photography, taken from
The crowd of over 500 was pretty relaxed until Winnipeg-based fighters made appearances, receiving such huge support from friends and fans that they seemed as recognizable as GSP. Lucky for these fans, four out of five Winnipeg fighters came out with the win. This included an impressive second round knockout by wild striker Gary Espinar with a hook that sent Saskatoon’s Micheal Glover’s mouthpiece flying. Also a notable hometown victory was Cory Houston’s TKO over Ontario’s Mike O’Neil, achieved after Houston took full mount position and rained down punches until the referee stepped in.
Espinar about to throw his knockout punch. Photo by JB Photography, taken from

Click to see all the results.

In the main event, past UFC title contender Jeff “The Snowman” Monson submitted Lee “Gladiator” Mein with a guillotine choke in the first round, and was seen an hour later dancing at Mystique Nightclub, the official after party. Obviously not a tough fight for him!

Jeff Monson (left) and Lee Mein at the weigh-ins.
Photos taken from
Here are the rest of the results:
- Robert Rende defeated Souriyaphone Thongpheng by Submission in Round 1, 1:10, holding onto a tight triangle even after being slammed on his back to the mat, until Thongpheng finally tapped out.
- Although he was the only fighter to spill any blood (with a bloody nose at the end of Round 1), Daniel Mark defeated Winnipeg’s Louis Fisette by submission when he dropped from full mount to an arm bar in Round 2.
Mark about to lock in his arm bar. Photo by JB Photography, taken from
- Impressive looking Chucky “The Energiza Bunny” Mady (he even wore fake bunny ears before and after his fight) came out energetic with two spinning back kicks and showed great composure by submitting Phil Deschambeault with a triangle off his back in Round 1.
Mady's submission. Photo by JB Photography, taken from
- Winnipeg’s David Macmillan defeated Leo Constant by TKO in Round 1. Macmillan took Constant down into a crucifix position (pinning Constant down so his arms could barely move) and landed punches until the fight was stopped.
- Winnipeg’s Martin Trendota defeated Chris Cunningham by Submission only 27 seconds into the first round, when he immediately locked on a guillotine after stuffing Cunningham’s takedown attempt.

Check out Cage Fighting Manitoba’s website here to see what they’re up to, and join their Facebook group here.


  1. So I'm pretty sure Jeff Monson will be part of my next nightmare. He'll play the guy with the chain-saw who walks after me while I'm sprinting.... he will still catch up, they always catch up.

  2. not a fan of anarchist tattoos!? alright fine... but when he was spotted at Mystique the ladies reportedly LOVED him! To each her own i guess... and yes he'll catch up- unlike most villains this guy does serious cardio.

  3. We should have these in the Atrium at lunch time.


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