Thursday, November 26, 2015

Forest Park

Someone recently wondered on Twitter if a person posting a bunch of pictures and almost no type is still considering blogging. Well it is, but it's a photo blog! Which for the next... however long it takes you to look at pictures... is what this blog has become!
There's Fuzhou!
Earlier this week a few fellow teachers and I headed to nearby Forest Park, a "botanical garden" too massive to be called that. We hiked some mountainous terrain, swam in a mountainous pool, and admired the mountainous scenery, wildlife, and vegetation.
This tree was very impressive.
I liked this vegetation, and if you look closely you can see a butterfly- wildlife!
One of the highlights is that we did this hike on one of the last days of summer. It was still warm enough for an impromptu dip in a surprisingly deep swimmin' hole. Nowadays, four days later, the temperature has dropped to a windy 15 degrees, making impromptu outdoor swimming a thing of the past. Let's see the photos. 

Did I mention there was a waterfall? Shhhhh it's a secret waterfall.
Photo by Nick
Beautiful end to a great day.

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